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Welcome to the BDO Global Portal, our powerful digital hub that makes it easy for you to see the status of your projects in real time and to collaborate with your BDO adviser as and when you need them.

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BDO Global Portal

Secure document sharing

Secure collaboration with integrated features such as multi-factor authentication, electronic document signing via DocuSign, data storage encryption, secure document exchange, and audit logging.

24/7 access to BDO services

Round the clock access to BDO services, modern tools, and applications, as well as insights tailored to your industry and business.

Personalised insights

The MyInsights section contains all the latest news, events and insights relevant to your industry. What you want to see is completely up to you and easily customisable.

Intuitive flow and navigation

Information is easily accessible, customisable and simple to understand.

Enhanced collaboration

Real-time collaboration space for you and your BDO team, including project, task, and team management, and the latest workflow tools.

Notification of key milestones

Never miss a key update with personalised alerts relating to key events or milestones, such as when documents have been uploaded or changed, or when documents need to be signed.

BDO Global Portal

Demo video

Watch the BDO Global Portal demo video for more information on key features and benefits available to users.

Organize provides project management assistance through a task list and calendar that can be tailored to show relevant due dates, deadlines, and engagement milestones. This is where BDO professionals will add deadlines for deliverables and expected or agreed upon milestones for delivering information requests.

Exchange allows BDO professionals to provide and assign information requests to you and your organisation, while providing an easy and secure platform for document sharing and tracking – and this includes visibility into the status of all activities and requests.

Documents offers a secure location for engagement deliverables. Both BDO professionals and members of your organisation can upload files to the Documents page, ultimately allowing real-time editing and collaboration.

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A Microsoft account is used to access BDO Global Portal: if you do not have a Microsoft account you will be taken through the setup process upon your first login.
  • Your Username is your email address
  • Your password is your Microsoft account password
  • To reset your MFA contact BDO
If you are experiencing login issues, please reach out to your BDO professional for support.

Multifactor Authentication is enabled in some locations: you will be prompted during log in to authenticate using your registered device. Please contact BDO if you need this device updating. In some cases a user is requested to complete MFA twice, this occurs when a your account has its own MFA setting activated. This is the expected behavior so please continue to log in as normal.

  • Your account has not been added to any Portals. Please wait until you have been added to a Portal, or a new Portal has been created for you.
    • This error is shown when your Portal is still being created or has been deleted, please wait for the creation to be completed: this can take up to 24 hours.
  • You need permission to access this site
    • Please reach out to your BDO professional to resolve this issue
  • Microsoft, Sorry but we’re having trouble signing you in
    • Please reach out to your BDO professional to resolve this issue
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    • Please reach out to your BDO professional to resolve this issue

Exchange is the BDO method for collecting files from you. Navigate to the Request Item in Exchange. Once all the files have been attached, click the Deliver button in the top right-hand corner.

A BDO professional may Accept or Return a Request in Exchange. If it is returned it means the files attached did not satisfy the request. Ask for additional information from your BDO contact.

You can control the Notifications you receive in your Profile page. Click on the icon in the top right-hand corner, My Profile.

Google Chrome, however other browsers are supported.

BDO Global Portal supports files up to 2 GB.

The BDO Global Portal is specific to each client. The Projects within the Portal represent each engagement.

The BDO Global Portal runs on Microsoft SharePoint to enable a modern user experience; some features are supported by Microsoft.